Historical and Philosophical Introduction

For clarity, an example of human law and eternal law can be compared. A well-known law that everyone should follow is that of the legal drinking age. In the United States, the legal drinking age is 21, however, in other countries such as Mexico, the legal drinking age is 18. Human law is different between […]

Density Lab Report

Density is defined by its mass per unit volume, and is most often written in mathematical terms as; d = m / v Mass is usually given in grams, g, and volume is given in cubic centimeters, g/cm3, or, grams per milliliter, g/mL. Density is not a property that depends upon the amount of substance […]

Organizational Structure

Organizational structure is very important to any company, it guarantees longevity and efficiency. Apple Inc. was incorporated in California on January 3, 1977 (Apple, 2013) and first came on the scene with the release of Apple I. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were the creators of this cutting edge technology and both men were seemingly […]

Daimler Chrysler Merger

‘Without Daimler, Chrysler would be in liquidation; and without Chrysler, Mercedes would be confined to a limited future of narrowing horizons, as rivals encroached on the luxury market. ’ However, the highly spoken merger did not work as they expected. Their structures and mechanisms were quite different. German approach was following a hierarchical and organized […]

Environmental issues

Environmental issues have made a huge impact on Norway. Acid rain is one of the most serious environmental problems that Norway faces. Acid rain is caused by Sulfur Dioxide emissions. The Sulfur Dioxide emissions have decreased incredibly since the 1970’s, because of the UNECE Sulfur Protocols. But this has not stopped the horrible after-effects that […]

Government for payment

Cases could involve only one individual type of service, or any combination of services. On average, the 233 cases involved a mean of 1. 2 different types of services. The maximum number of service types involved in any case was 4 and the minimum number of service types was 1. Because there were 17 different […]