The general principle of law

The legal issue raised in this question is to discuss the available remedies to Adam as a result of the breach of contract by Edwin to sell the Rolls Royce at an agreed price of $500,000 and subsequently refusing to sell as Edwin heard there was an Arabian sheik on the lookout for rolls Royce […]

Human law

For clarity, an example of human law and eternal law can be compared. A well-known law that everyone should follow is that of the legal drinking age. In the United States, the legal drinking age is 21, however, in other countries such as Mexico, the legal drinking age is 18. Human law is different between […]

United States

Perhaps one of the most important developments in recent years is the increasing emphasis placed on health care providers to contain costs. In such a climate, euthanasia certainly could become a means of cost containment. In the United States, thousands of people have no medical insurance; studies have shown that the poor and minorities generally […]

Political Science

He who only knows his one side of the case knows little of that, His reasons may be good, and no one may have been able to refute them, but if he is equally unable to refute the reasons of the opposite side- Mill Was Born Free- Louis Hartz The Declaration- Life, Liberty, Happiness The […]

Theory and organizations

Still other theorists are developing a resurgence of interest in complexity theory and organizations, and have focused on how simple structures can be used to engender organizational adaptations. For instance, Miner et al. (2000) studied how simple structures could be used to generate improvisational outcomes in product development. Their study makes links to simple structures […]

Hammurabi wanted

Hammurabi was not a compassionate or forgiving ruler, but a harsh and strict one. Hammurabi‚Äôs rule proved that he wanted a centralized government and he wanted compensation for those who became injured or harmed on a mistake of another person. His law code enforced the concept of an eye for an eye. For example, laws […]

Transportation Services

Paid expenses are often referred to as fringe benefits or perquisites. The IRS defines legal fringe benefits that are tax deductible. This may include items such as the following: a. Athletic Skyboxes/Suites b. Executive Dining Room c. No Cost Loans d. Transportation Services and Chauffeurs e. Relocation Expenses 5 Paid expenses are beneficial to both […]