Human law

For clarity, an example of human law and eternal law can be compared. A well-known law that everyone should follow is that of the legal drinking age. In the United States, the legal drinking age is 21, however, in other countries such as Mexico, the legal drinking age is 18. Human law is different between many countries and it is temporal because people in United States are raising their voices to lower the drinking age to 18.

Therefore, the legal drinking age law is subject to change as citizens are constantly bringing up this topic. However, in eternal law there is no drinking age but it is telling the rational human being to not to become addicted to drinking and to find healthier desires other than the consumption of alcohol. Under competitive advantage samsung, drinking is not what life is all about; there are so many other significant tasks and experiences that human beings need to fulfill during their life times in this world.

Eternal law says to love eternal things, not what is a temporal joy. With this example, I am arguing that human law is based on eternal law because human law establishes the legal drinking age so that young generations can find what their true wisdom is before being introduced to worldly pleasures and find themselves lost without having realized the true purpose of their existence. To follow temporal law is to love the creature and the creation more than the Creator.

The desire for artificial and materialistic things will lead to discontent, both for the individual and the society as a whole. However, if all men loved only eternal things, then there would be no need for temporal law, which governs our daily lives. Therefore, temporal law is necessary to restrain the actions of those men who love temporal things. Temporal law is not meant to punish men who do love temporal things, but is rather for the criminal actions that men commit because of their excessive desires for these things.

This all comes back to the idea that God created the universe and He is the man of eternal law, and we need to love him more than any other things in this world. Great benefits and blessings will be rewarded to those men that earnestly seek for wisdom, love, genuine virtues, and truth than to those men that live wrongfully longing only for wealth, lust, physical beauty and many earthly things. In conclusion, it is both crucial that laws govern society and important that laws order human choices and interpersonal relations.

But it is more valuable that eternal law governs these laws of society because it is always present, ultimate standard and suffers no exceptions. Therefore eternal law is necessary for human laws to exist and control the corrupted society for the better. Works Cited Dilman, Ilham. “Free Will: An Historical and Philosophical Introduction. ” Google Books. Routledge, n. d. Web. 19 Feb. 2013. Fitzgerald, Allan D. , and John C. Cavadini. “Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia. ” Google Books. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. , n. d. Web. 19 Feb. 2013.


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